I’m thankful for the Joy.  The feeling I’d never felt before, but while looking at my Son’s face, not only made me smile but a laugh came out of me from seemingly nowhere.  I had never laughed that laugh before and took me by surprise.  That was pure and real joy.

I’m thankful for “in love” and/or “chemical reactions” to another human being.  No time before Tim had I felt that Joyfullly dizzy and full of heart. The most incredible feeling.

I wish for everyone this.

I wish my Son this love.  Someone who takes his breath away by merely breathing herself.  He deserves this, his heart is so good.

That’s why I’m thankful, my loves.

I would not have this life if it were not for them.

Happy Thanksgiving All Year Long

From the Bottom of My Heart, To the Top of Yours ~~ Me


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