Like all we crafty types, I sometimes peruse Etsy for things I could buy.  Something unusual, something I can re-purpose maybe.

L1000839So when I saw this on Etsy, I thought:  Picture frame?  Could I put family pics in it and put it on  the shelf with the others?  Definitely maybe.


I turned it upside-down  ( like people do).  Immediately I saw……. say it with me fellow Princesses:  Crown!  Right?!    Okay, then what to do with an overly ornate crown thingy.  I can’t wear it obviously.  (Well, I thought about it for a mo until I took into consideration the thing is weighty and would cave my fool skull in.)

Then what?    Well, I was re-doing Guest Bathroom A at that time and thought:  fancy guest towel holder?  Hang it up on the wall and hang three guest towels.  One very fancy/pretty in the middle and one on each side:    Guests know how I LOVE to layer on guests towels.  One reason being that I never want anyone to be embarrassed as to which towel is “the one, or ones” to use.  Leaving the middle one just for show.

L1000841And then today I get this idea:  How about a wicked-cool necklace or belt hanger to hang in the closet?     OR, maybe a bed-crown hung from the wall above a bed with fabric draping all the way to the floor.

What do you ladies (or gents) think?  Help me decide how to best use this unusual item.  Maybe you can think of something I haven’t thought of!

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 10.58.50 PM

I was looking for images to confirm that the clock frame was indeed of the Victorian era.  It is Victorian and I  thought the one I bought was all fancy shmancy until I saw this one peacock-fannying about in the internet tubes.    Pffft!

I’m sharing this with Feathered Next Friday.  Thank you for letting us have this party in which to share!

Link back to the Feathered Nest Friday:

Lovingly finding neat-o things ~~ D


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