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I’ve developed a tiny bit of a girl-crush on Blake Lively’s style lately.  Her exquisite taste in clothing and  they way she wears them effortlessly.  Effortlessly!

Wouldn’t I love to do that?!  I fidget constantly.  Not a good look for any woman; fidgeting with their clothes.

Anyway:  What struck me lately was this picture of her dessert/cake table from her wedding to Ryan Reynolds.  I cannot convey just how impressed I am with the simplicity of this setting.  It is completely opposite of what I would have considered to be her wedding style.

How utterly refreshing and I am truly impressed with its simplicity and smack-dab elegance one wouldn’t think a major Star would do.

Brava!  Ms. Lively.  Or should I say, Brava! Mrs. Ryan Reynolds!  

Lovingly girl-crushing ~~ D

Screen Shot 2012-12-26 at 1.45.16 PM

Of course one should never be shy about the size of one’s engagement ring.  *go girl!

I believe the rest of the wedding pics will  be found in The Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine soon.


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  1. You are correct again. Gorgeous table setting.

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