A while back I ran across a really good idea on Pinterest about how ladies were creating  soft curls while they slept.  Impossible you say?  Nay!

They were using a method called the “sock bun” method.
Great idea!
And then recently I came upon this product from Conair (a bun maker) for the top of the head which would work as well and may  be easier to do!
Screen Shot 2012-12-15 at 12.55.48 AM
Here is the link to the Conair How-To Video:  http://www.conair.com/video.php?cntpcID=12_65&video_id=85
I haven’t seen this product since the 1970’s.  My Mom used this very product to make a nice easy bun on the top (or back) of her head.  Chic!

Screen Shot 2012-12-15 at 12.28.21 AMHome Stories A to Z had a great demonstration of the how-to sock bun curls.  Here is her link:    http://www.homestoriesatoz.com/fashion/sock-bun-curls-tutorial.html


Screen Shot 2012-12-15 at 12.39.32 AMOhhh, how I wish I had this tool years ago when my fumble-fingers tried to achieve this look.  Painful memories.  Choked up now…. give me a moment to compose myself….. :”(

Here is Conair’s tutorial video on how to use this French Twist tool:  http://www.conair.com/video_player.php?video_id=84

Lovingly finding things  ~~ D


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