Note:  These photos were taken by the seller.

Note: These photos were taken by the seller.

I know, I know, but just bear with me.

I found this on CraigsList  for   …   get this  …… $139.00!  

One of my best bargain acquisitions if I do say so myself.

(I got the idea for searching for an armoire on CraigsList from Kearney of A Detailed House’s fabulous way-popular blog.   *so jealous*   here is her link:)

It has great bones, but the color doesn’t turn me on.  The pictures may look like it’s a blonde wood, but it really is a painted crackle finish about the color of Grey Poupon (Or baby poo.  Not the after-eating-peas baby poo, but the after-eating-yellow-squash baby poo).   

Anyways, I had already decided to paint it before I had even seen it.  This is for Guest Room A, which I’m planning a slightly Frenchy feel.  Not all the way French Shabby Chic, but just for a touch, a hint.

I’m thinking a flat screen TV in this armoire would be just the thing!

Stay tuned, I’ll have this done with my usualexpedience meandering way.  

Lovingly painting ~~ D

Link to Featherd Nest Friday Sharing Party:


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  1. Love the armoire. I am sure you will make her look great. I love Kearney.


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