As you know, I am a very prissy gardener.  Which means a couple of times a year I dress up in Wellies and a hat I once wore to he Kentucky Derby and fanny around in the garden.  Years ago Husband and I visited The Vanderbilt Mansion, Biltmore and since Son was not with us that trip we decided to stop in on our way back from a recent road trip.

I have never been able to capture drops on anything before.  Special thanks to Husband’s giving me a Leica for Christmas!

The last time we were here, I focused on the house and didn’t get to see much of the gardens and greenhouse.  Here are some pics I’d love to share with you.

I was surprised and delighted to see that they had a statue of Son and me there.  Yes.  We do look that good without tans.

Lilliputian waterfall. 

Who doesn’t love orchids?  They always look happy to see you. 

See?  This one can hardly contain herself.   (This one reminds me of someone… *scratches head*)

I know, right??!!

Elephants and cacti.  Such a cliche’.  

This stacking thing looks like a good idea…you and I can do it better though.

These are so dark I had to get up this close to see any purple!  

I’m so struck by these concrete leaves!  

Who doesn’t love Blue Daze?  IMNSHO, it is the perfect blue flower to have in your garden.  They are HARDY!  They do, however, close for business early…even before the sun goes down.  They’re akin to the Morning Glory, which are all a bunch of buzzkills. 

These, they say,  are exclusive to Biltmore.  They are called “Ballgown”.   

Abutilon pictum (striatum) ‘Biltmore Ballgown

‘Common Names:Biltmore Ballgown Flowering Maple

Are you saying “Fresh!”  I know I am.

This looks easy enough to do…with succulents I think.


As dusk falls on D Chateau, the lions are at the ready to protect and to serve.  Don’t let the camera angle fool you.  They’re actually only about 8 inches tall.  (As you can see, our Blue Daze have already closed up for the night.  

Bird Girl seems to approve, but you’ll never hear it from her.

We can’t bring anything home without the lizards thinking it’s their new perching spot.

 “Can I interest you in some car insurance?  ‘ey?  ‘ey?  ‘EY”???!!! 

Lovingly ~ D  (BTW, this cherub is trying to mimic my attitude.)  Good luck with that.

Linky back to French Country Cottage’s Feathered Nest Friday:


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  1. Beautiful pictures I really enjoyed this post.


  2. Kristy says:

    Beautiful pictures! I like those concrete leaves as well, unexpected but very cool. My daughter has a little elephant named lilliputian it’s white and purple polka dots… I love using that word and she just thinks its funny. It fits that itsy bitsy fountain you shared too (hmmm, my nerdiness may have just revealed herself), witty captions. I’ll have to check out more on your site, the Eiffel Tower and Parisian post are luring me in, I adore Paris and anything French! Be well, Dawne 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I truly appreciate your checking out my post!

      I’m getting ready to check out yours as well.

      Speaking of the Eiffel, it’s my favorite touch-stone in the world. When I’m there, I know I’m a weird-o, but I just have to go visit it and say hello..uh..bonjour!

  3. Beautiful photos! Especially love the one of you and your son sans tan. Lily white looks good on you 😉

  4. hi How are Your amazing love your weblog

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