I’m in a canopy state of mind this week.  I’ll be doing crown canopies in both guest bedrooms upstairs soon so  I’ve been looking around for inspiration and I’ve found a few pictures I’d like to share.  

Just the right pop of color.

I know, this has nothing to do with what we’re talking about, but isn’t this so fresh and  inviting?

Toile and me (toile and I?) were meant for each other.  Anything toile.

This one isn’t really my taste but I have to appreciate the artistry.  The drape in the doorway, for instance.  Whoever came up with the shaped woodwork the drape hangs from is so “out there” creative in its simplicity.  Tip of the hat.

I love the way these really dark accents plays against the traditional use of toile.  Very nice, but I’d bring down the curtains to meet the floor.  I would have to echo the bed curtains’ length.

I may not be so crazy about these fabrics, but I think the way they did that canopy is genius.  Two circles (metal? cane?) and then draped with fabric, wonderful effect.

Everything about this room is lovely.  I’m struck by the shape of the doors and the dark exposed beams.  Not to mention the blue is the exact paint color I’ve been using in the bathrooms.

Also love the way they brought “up” this canopy.  It’s a take-off of the classic rosette canopy (which I’ve done in our bedroom) but this one brings more height as it’s suspended from the ceiling ….. and using the sheer fabric brings it home.    I may have to try this!

Now this is me.  Note the way there are jabots peeking from behind.  Yes.

I’d like to incorporate that way that jabot peeks out from under into a canopy situation.

This isn’t a canopy but consider my mind BLOWN.

No need for much commentary here.  Fresh.  Fresh as the proverbial.

Crisp blue and white never, never goes out of style.

I completely love the carving on the canopy, especially the top.  But that ceiling!!!

Canopy anyone?

~~ D

All photos credit:  Houzz.com


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  1. I love all these canopies. They are beautiful!


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