I’ve tried those “tinted moisturizer” and they all (at least the ones I tried) were greasy as heck.  Very uncomfortable for me.  I cannot stand oil on my face.

This is different.  I’ve been using these “BB” creams for about a month for day-wear and I like it quite a bit.  Goes on quickly (very important) and feels comfortable!  (highly important).  UV shield (VITALLY IMPORTANT!)

This ad is from Sephora.  If your area doesn’t have a Sephora….oh, honey!…do I feel sorry …(they do deliver!)   *You should see the one on the Champs de Elysee in Paris.  Husband had to pull me out of there kicking and screaming.  Worth it though (;^)

There are many cosmetic companies who are offering the BB creams.  Until recently, they were only offered in Asia.  The only drawback I feel is that they should come up with more colors!  Some (like the Dior above) only comes in one color, but others may have between 2 and 5.

Again:  A LOT more wearable for day than tinted moisturizer!

Keep your face out of the sun.  If you can’t for gosh sakes protect it!

Lovingly ~~ D


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  1. I love Sephora I get many things from there it is great! I am a Philosophy girl.


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