The downstairs powder room lacked, well, everything.  To me it was a blank canvas.  A place which was just begging to be transformed into something more inviting.

The first thing I needed to do was take down the mirror which was not a pleasing shape to me and was just so plain!

Easy right?  You just simply unscrew the clear plastic tabs which are holding the mirror on the wall and that’s it, right?  Nope, not this time.  Apparently the contractors who were building this house had a sense of humor.

I couldn’t get it off.  It must be glued I said to husband.  He then got a tiny crow bar and started to lift around the edges gently as not to break the glass.    However.

Caaaa-rash!  Good thing I’m not superstitious!  *knocks wood*

Like I said, the contractors must have a sense of humor because they left me with this little face to contend with.    (some kind of tar-like glue!)

I finally picked a color:  a “stormy smokey blue”.  Not too light, not too dark.  Nice, I think.

I found a mirror I loved on eBay from an antique dealer in Philidelphia.  A Chippendale beauty made of walnut.

I needed something in the corner, so I made a dried-flower arrangement out of hydrangeas and put them on a pedestal.  Actually it’s a vertical “modern-style” light I imagined as a column.

I added a light fixture which is a reproduction of a light that was found in the Montparnasse district if Paris.

Anyway, here it is.  I think it goes well with the slate floors which are all through the foyer, into this little half bath and also on into the laundry room.  I love our slate!

It would be so much easier to decorate bathrooms if we didn’t have to deal with the toilets, sinks, etc.  They ugly it up  (;^)

Oh, and also:  I use wine buckets for magazine holders.  They have such a nice shape.

Oh, and also: I use wine buckets for magazine holders. They have such a nice shape.

I’ve submitted this to “No Minimalist Here” for Open House.  Thank you for this opportunity to share!    THE LINK TO THE PARTY IS HERE:

This is shared on French Country Cottage’s “Feathered Nest Friday”  Linky back to the party!

~~ D


4 responses »

  1. Love the paint color! We have recently updated 2 bathrooms as well!
    Dropping by from SITS!

  2. Poppy says:

    Love the ornate walnut frame of the new mirror, looks gorgeous against the pretty wall color! Thanks for letting us take a peek and for visiting my decoupaged pots. Happy Wednesday!~Poppy

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