BEING it the 4th of July, and while watching HBO’s John Adams, it springs to my mind something that has occurred to me several times in the last few years.

Bowing to another Country’s leader.

I’m the first to say I was and am still completely in love with Europe and the UK.  I grew up with great romantic notions of kings and queens, castles and fairy tales.  I cannot drive by any castle in Europe or the UK without stopping and going through it, touching everything and oooing and ahhhing.  (Just ask poor Husband, who always has a schedule in his own mind ripe with men’s bragging rights of how fast and efficient they can drive from one place to the next “.     “I got to “……….” in record time and I got “………..’  kilometers to the gallon!  Ha!  Top that if ye call yourself a man!”

Back to my opinion…

We read of protocol when meeting heads of state and royalty visiting this country and our visiting them, if we’re lucky to get invited to their homes (castles) and what have you.

Before one is presented to Her Majesty, one is taken elsewhere and drilled with the rules of meeting the Queen and Court.  Bowing once upon entering the room,  bowing again in the middle of the room, and then again before the Queen, averting your eyes and not speaking until she has spoken to you.  And other such nonsense.  (Oh, and never turn your back to her.)


Even worse, yes it gets worse.  When being presented to her on our very own soil, we’re expected to follow the same protocol.  Outrageous!  This boggles, it truly does.

You’re not our Queen, sweetie.  I’m sure you’re a nice sort of gal and rich to be sure, but you don’t see me bowing in front of the dozens of multi-billionaires I meet all the time around our city, in NYC and in Europe.

And I assure you, the ones I’ve met have been the salt of the earth.  No pretense, not puffing themselves up with their own self-importance.  Lovely people I’ve been lucky enough to have met no matter which walk of life they come from.   (I suppose there are many who are not so nice, but I haven’t met them) (;^)

I honestly couldn’t tell you what I’d do if I were to be presented to Her Majesty, but  I assure you if I did follow protocol, it would be only an act.  Performing it tongue-in-cheek all the way.

No one is better or greater than anyone else.  If we believe someone is greater than ourselves, it is our mistake.  And it is their mistake for thinking of themselves as such.

Am I a rebel?  A bit.  But I cannot rebel against authority which does not exist.  No such authority or importance exists in my mind.

I do, however learn a bit of the language before entering another’s country.  That’s just common courtesy and they respond to us better for it.

~~  Lovingly ~~ D

HERE IS A SHORT VIDEO of our entering Glamis Castle (the Queen Mum’s castle) for dinner in 2006.  That’s me in the black dress and way-too-blonde hair with a “Wow, can you believe this?!!” expression. (turn down the volume if you can’t stand bagpipes)

Dinner at Glamis Castle 2006

Dining Room

Dining Room

Dining Room
Dining Room

Receiving Hall before Dinner .. Son at my right.  Yes, I always stand like that ;)

Receiving Hall before Dinner .. Son at my right. Yes, I always stand like that 😉


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  1. The Queen wouldn’t mind you know; she would just put it down to you being an American. :o) Your post made me smile. I am very jealous that you get a fourth of July. Hope you have had a good one?

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