Husband and I were in Austin for the weekend to celebrate our 25th Anniversary.  That’s a happy all on its own.

I was at the spa while Husband was playing the golf.  That’s another happy that stands all on its own.

But this was the happy I’m talking about:

While the lady giving me a deep-tissue massage was untightening my muscles and bonding us both for eternity (whoever kneads my shoulder blades I will follow and worship to the ends of the earth) she said,  “You’re tiny, but you’re strong”.

Just like that.

It may be such a small thing for anyone else, but it meant a lot to me.  Sometimes perfect strangers can say the most awesome things and touch you in the most profound ways imaginable.

I wish more people had spoken to me that way when I was growing (I mean, trying to grow) up.

Lovingly tendered ~~ D

Well, that’s my Dose of Happy for today:  I’m WithTheBand!


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