So, I found this crown-tray thingy at One King’s Road or some other on-line shopping site.  Where I found it doesn’t matter.  I just had to have it !!!And then now…what to do with it?  Use it in the kitchen to serve cheese and fruit for parties?  Put columnar candles on it in staggered heights?  In an off-white motif because, well, it’s an OCD-ish thing.  (But that’s another post).   So…what do I do with it?

Ah!    I know!   I’ll use it in our bathroom vanity to put cosmetics, lotions and potions and ……..  ………..and they all fell flat despite my standing them up…again…and again…and so on.    Pffft!

I know!  I’ll get some votives to put these afore-mentioned items and accoutrements.

I went to Target.  The votives there were less than inspiring and not tall or wide enough. So I went to my old stand-by,  one of my favorite shopping places ever…Marshall’s!    The votives there were not only less than inspiring but there weren’t enough of them to even consider. I walk over to the drinking glasses section of the store and thought maybe some low balls and/or shot glasses.  Hm.  This might just work.

I pulled some glasses right out of the boxes right there in the store because rules don’t apply to me.     What with me being a wild woman and all.    I start to arrange some of them to imagine which ones, if any might work.  I found these.

I like this idea, I thought.  I mean I really love this idea!

When I got home I immediately open the boxes and start arranging and rearranging them on the tray.

Alright!  *gives self a high five*

This will do…fabulously…if I do say so myself.

HEY!  I see you looking at the Chinese take-out box on the ledge of the jacuzzi.  No, it’s not old take-out just lying around.  They’re little soaps shaped like fortune cookies.  (:^)

~~ D


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  1. Very cool. I have a Clarisoniic too. They are the best.


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