That sounds a little like a title of a situation comedy doesn’t it?  The adventures of PETA and the Electrician!  Fighting injustices against animals and faulty wiring everywhere!

Actually it’s a thing that happened this week.  I needed some chandeliers and other lighting installed in the house.  Our friends recommended a nice man, a friend of theirs, named Muhammad.  He was nice.  Very nice man soft-spoken and animal rights loving.

He finished  inside and I asked him to check the wiring on the landscape lighting in front of the house.  It had been out for far too long and my gardener just didn’t know what he was doing.   Muhammad check out all the lines and lamps out front and fixed some of them that were in poor shape or weren’t working at all.  He also fixed the Frank Lloyd Wright lights that Tim’s in love with.

The time came to open the front garage and let him check out the breakers, wiring and etc.  While he was in there, he noticed two sticky traps which I had all but forgotten were even there.  “Oh, no, no this will not do, oh this is terrible …such a shame, such a waste of life”,  he says in Ben Kingsley’s Ghandi -ish voice.

“What?…what?!”  I cry out.

“Look at this one over there”, he points out the sticky trap at the right side of the garage, “There was a cardinal stuck in there.   (his helper confirms this with a nod) We rescued her but she’s lost some feathers due to the sticky trap.  We got her out.   She’s over there somewhere.. she won’t survive I feel.  This won’t do ….such a shame, such a waste”.

“And this one”,  pointing at the sticky trap at the other side of garage.  “This one has some lizards that didn’t make it”.   Again his mantra:   “Oh this won’t do, such a shame, such a waste, oh dear, oh no”.

“I didn’t know they were still in there….” me muttering, explaining, pleading my case in my people-pleaser way.

“Oh the poor lizards, the poor things  … oh such a shame, such a waste”.

One week later:

One of the Frank lloyed Wright lanterns was out that night and I texted him to come back and see about it and  “By the way”,  I said, “I bought another light fixture for the media room if you would hang that one too”.

And then again, *sigh*,  it was time to open up the garage and let him check the electrical boxes.

“Oh no, oh dear, this is awful, this won’t do, such a shame such a waste”,  said “Ghandi-ish” voice.

“What?,…… what!”  “What’s wrong?!

Some more lizards……..

I forgot they were still in there.  I’m  pleading, doing the people-pleasing mom always said I did.  I pick them up, “See?”,  I’m gesturing toward the trash cans, ” I’m throwing them out in the dumpster thing!  All gone!   Bad traps are all gone! Ok?”

A blank look.  No kudos for me.

“We have others!…… I said, “thousands and thousands of lizards still in the gardens!”,   *I continue to  plead and people-please*

This week I’ve ordered some more light fixtures for the rest of the house and he’s such a good electrician I’ll call him back to put them up for me.

Gahd, I hope we don’t run over any lizards with the car or whatever in the meantime.  If this happens we’d better get rid of the evidence….maybe hold little lizard funerals to show our respect.


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