Credit for Pictures above and below:

Have you been to HOUZZ?  

I’m no professional decorator or anything (okay, I did do some window dressings back in the St. Louis area when I lived there).  I wanted my dream bed, so I sewed some curtains (and hung them myself  thankyouverymuch), saved the money ..I put it into my Martha Stewart recipe-card tin…and then I used that money to buy it.  BTW, that’s our bed pictured above in my Blog’s header…perched between Russell Crowe and the rose-y D.  It took me forever to figure out a way to do the canopy with the rosette in the middle, but once I figured it out….boom!  🙂

Sometimes, when I need a little inspiration, I need visuals.  Like these days when I can’t think of what I’ll do with the media room I’m really having a hard time with this one … Curtains or no curtains in the kitchen…should I go colorful or neutral?   What “theme” should I go with in the upstairs bathroom?  Etc, etc.   *bites nails*  *sweat drops*

Houzz is a really great place to go for inspiration, and advice.  Check it out!


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