Ms. Fisher spills it…..all.  During her Star Wars spiel, she’ll put a Princess Leia wig on someone in the audience and bellows:  There!   …   How do YOU like it??!!”  “What if I told you that George Lucas owns my image.  George Lucas …owns…my…image!”    “However, if George Lucas wants to hire you to do a movie in a dumpy white dress (with no bra underneath) , and donning a cinnamon bun wig…………DOOO IT!!!”  

I’ll be attending this on Sunday night. My second time I’ve seen this.    Last time, two years ago in NYC, not only did I get her autograph, but I got to speak briefly with her.  I whispered in her ear and she answered in her wry wit.  I can’t tell you what we said, it’s between she and me.  (;^)

When I saw this in NYC the Venue was Studio 54.   I couldn’t possibly imagine a better venue for Wishful Drinking.

If you’ve never seen this performance, I’ll give you a re-cap when I get back!

I wonder if she’ll throw in some more “Hollywood In-breeding 101”.

Lovingly ~~ D

PS:  When a very young Carrie Fisher asks George Lucas why couldn’t she wear a bra underneath her dress.  “There’s no underwear in space”.  he deadpanned, not missing a beat.


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