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Look, I’m no expert or a doctor or whatever.  I know there’s no fountain of youth, no magic pill or any such nonsense.  There is, however, maintainance.  And care.

I’ve tried them all.  I started with Estee Lauder way before I could afford it in my mid-twenties.  A great company with the best reputation with a very keen eye on skin care. My mom paid me a compliment while giving me life-long advice way back when, “Girl, if I had skin like that, I’d take care of it.  Use the best products you can.  You get only one shot at this”.

I used EL up until 6 years ago.  Like every girl in the world I love “fashion” magazines pouring over the pages with baited breath hoping the best tips and the best products would be revealed to me.

I found my current choice in an unlikely magazine…

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Sometimes I'm a Traveler. Sometimes I'm a Homebody. Each are Satisfying! I blog about Fashion, Movies, Household Tips, Food, Skin Care, and anything that comes to mind.

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