Photo Credit: Culture Map

Photo Credit: Culture Map

Is it me, or is it seemingly Ashley Judd’s year?  I think so.  She’s a published author, is doing speaking engagements (this week here in Houston as a matter of fact) and she has a new TV series, “Missing”.



As I was saying, she was here this week in Houston and gave the ladies a couple of her beauty tips:


Ashley Judd tells all, well almost all, in surprisingly intimate lunch for Children’s Assessment Center

04.05.12 | 04:27 pm

She might come across as one tough cookie on her new ABC seriesMissing, but Ashley Judd was just one of the girls, albeit one with a message, at Wednesday’s “Spirit of Spring” luncheon where she had plenty to say — except about the unfolding plot line of her new successful series.

Before she would get down to the nitty gritty of her on-stage interview with KHOU Channel 11 morning show host Deborah Duncan, Judd told the gathering of 500 in the InterContinental-Houston ballroom that she wanted to be sure that she was looking good, commenting on the beautiful assembly of women gathered for the Children’s Assessment Center benefit.

Judd allowed that she maintains her camera-ready looks with 10.5 hours of sleep per night, by following the American Diabetes Association diet (though she doesn’t have diabetes) and with a killer metabolism that Duncan suggested she bottle and sell.

And, no, she can’t tell you what happens at the end of the 10-segment Missing season. But, yes, there has been some talk of a second season.

Judd allowed that she maintains her camera-ready looks with 10.5 hours of sleep per night.

The meat of Judd’s discussion was twofold focusing on her humanitarian efforts involving the plight of children around the world and on her route to self-discovery. The latter came after she faced up to her co-dependency in a family where alcoholism was an issue and in dealing with sexual molestation that occurred when she was in the second grade.

Understanding the subject all too well, Judd praised the holistic approach that CAC takes in helping children suffering from sexual abuse. She encouraged everyone to get in touch with the inner-self and deal with unresolved issues that could be clouding one’s life.

The program with Judd followed an inspired Neiman Marcus fashion presentation, curated and moderated by NM fashion director Ken Downing in from Dallas for the catwalk frolic.

The luncheon was chaired by Diane Caplan and Nancy Golden and honored Phyllis Williams.

Among those sitting at rapt attention during the Judd interview were CAC executive director Elaine Stolte, Neiman’s GM Bob Devlin, CAC Foundation board chair Brady Crosswell, Alicia Smith, Ann Carl, Lora Clemmons, Debra Grierson, Merele Yarborough, Cindi Rose, Susana Brener de Stern, Jessica Meyer, Kim Moody, Gayla Gardner, Stephanie Perkins and Liz Zaruba.

Our ‘ol Kentucky Home:  Husband and I are both born and bred Kentuckians……….

Ashley Judd is UK's Biggest Fan

Not only is she beautiful and  talented, she’s a star who appeals in many ways.  Men like her, sure, that’s not hard to figure out why …and wives like me approve!  She is someone I can admire as a wife because of all of the above and also because she’s seems to be a “real person” likeable enough for us female fans to admire for her work, her humanitarian efforts and her beauty….someone…down to earth.  Husband likes Ashley too.  *grins at this*.  They both attended the University of Kentucky in the mid-eighties.  As it so happens he “met” her as he boarded a plane in St. Louis.  “Go Cats!”  he said as he passed by her, she was already sitting in her seat with her little dog.     “Hell yeah!” was her reply.  😉

I’m sure Ashley was elated that her team is now the Basketball Champs of the US.  She wasn’t born in Kentucky, but we Kentuckians claim her as our own.

Lovingly tendered ~~ D

Post Script:  Some have been speculating lately whether or not she has been “freshened up”.   I say  “Who cares!…if she has…fine, if she hasn’t…. fine also”.     Stop wagging your tongues.  Mean, jealous people.


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  1. She is beautiful and very intelligent.

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