It’s that thing where I pretend I’m a gardener once maybe twice a year.

So Thursday afternoon, I take my SUV to Lowe’s just to buy garden soil and maybe four or five new floral delights.   Out front, just like any Lowe’s or Home Depot they have the flowers and other various flora out front waaay before you get to into the back to get the mundane things like soil.  So clever, aren’t they?  Suddenly as I’m approaching the front of the store, I do the thing I say every year I won’t do……I turn into a kid in a candy store.  “I’ll only take these delpheniums and some lavendar.  Oh!  And these blue ones…what?…lillies?! …I have a neice named Lilly!”  I grab one for her and then I think I’ll grab another one in her sister’s honor as well.  I wish there were flowers named Emma.   I turn my head.  **Sharp intake of breath!**   “Oooooo What are these???? ”  Come to mama. *grab, grab, grab*

When I get home with the very full SUV it’s raining.  Barely.  I couldn’t possibly take the flowers and soil out of the car….. what with it raining and all.  I can’t hold an umbrella while unloading the vehicle  *rationalizing*  what would I do if I get my already frizzy-from-the-weather-outside hair wet?!  I should wait until tomorrow, I thought.

The next day I took the flowers out of SUV.  Placing them here and there just so according to size and color, arranging and re-arranging them in the raised, stone-surrounded garden bed I had my yard guy make last summer.  I had decided that the back and front yards were formal enough and that I needed a little garden outside the kitchen windows to play around with.  A specimen garden.

The next day (You see, it takes me several days to actually get around to the gardening.  Hence the word prissy).   I don my wellies  and matching gloves and hat (very prissy) and plant the new flower babies.

Lily for my niece, Lilly

Lily for my niece, Lilly

Lily for my niece, Emma

Lily for my niece, Emma

Sheesh!  I need to go back and get more flowers!  In the back of the vehicle, it always looks like I have more flowers than I do.

The landscaping out front is for us of course, but it’s also for passers-by.  This little garden outside the kitchen windows is informal.  I like this one, it’s not “glorious”, but I like it.  It’s a place to experiment and play with specimen plants and flowers.  Looks like I need some herbs, too. (;^)

Regarding Wellies:

My Wellies

My Wellies

The Prissy Gardener’s prissy wellies!


Lovingly  tendered ~~ D


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  1. I love to garden I find it so relaxing and just tune out the world I like watching what I plant grow and flourish.

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