Please note:  I truly love the movie "FACE OFF"

Please note: I truly love the movie "FACE OFF"

Just a few things I’ve noticed in various movies.

No goodbyes at the end of phone conversations:  “Hey, yeah, meet me at the place near the thing with the people”.   *click*.   Instead  of real-life phone call endings: “Okay……alrighty then…see you there…yeah…me too…yeah..bye”.  *click*

Why is there hardly ever any ice in beverages?    Especially around family table scenes.   I myself  have to have a glass 3/4 full of ice to cool my beverage.    It’s a requirement .  One of my personal laws.

Women who wake up in the morning in full makeup, complete with lipstick, mind you.   No puffy eyes, no dried saliva crustily trailing from their mouth to their ear.  Especially  the women who have been (you know what-ing) the night before.   Gives men the wrong impression.  Guy turns to girl in the movie theater thinking:  “You’re the only woman in the world who doesn’t look that same way in the morning?!   ..for real”?!   *man suppresses urge to scream and/or run for the hills*

Like in “Face Off” when Travolta and Cage switch faces but their bodies are still the same?  Like we don’t notice that Travolta is way more taller/ bigger  than Cage?

Well, these are some of the things that bug me, what are yours?   Discuss amongst yourselves. 😉

Lovingly tendered ~~ D


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  1. dbmoviesblog says:

    That is why I guess they call ‘movies’ and not ‘real life’ lol. The audience want to see gorgeous and sexy people all the time, with no puffy eyes, dry skin etc. Only films that show that truly sell. Unrealistic, but more enjoyable and pleasing to the eye. And ‘Face Off’ is a party science-fiction film, and a great entertainment. Of course people notice all that, but it hardly matters and they do not expect the film to be 100% true to science or realistic, as long as it serves its purpose – fills the night with awesomeness of modern action cinematography :))

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