Socrates, Philosopher

Plato, Philosopher

D, Miss KnowItAll SmartyPants

Finally admit muffins are cupcakes in disguise.

Re-think the whole no-additional-hormone decision during my **”reverse puberty”/”crossing the bridge of change”.©®™  **Two phrases I, myself have coined.  You can use them, but you will owe me a dollar per each.  (Refer to my lawyer for details.)

Sometimes paying more for convenience is worth it.  (Sorry, but it is.  Especially when a hotel is too crowded (due to conventions and celebrations that we’re not expecting) and it takes a brazillion days just to get an elevator.  (**Do you hear me, Hilton in Austin, TX?!**)  W Hotel next time.  Pfft!

Showers and baths, which were once a necessity and a social obligation are now the bomb!   I fall in love with every drop.  Water, you so rock!!!

Marshall’s and T J Maxx were invented by sweet baby angels for those who are tried and true bargain hunters such as myself.

Appreciate others more.

Be more accepting of others.

Hemingway said, “Write drunk, edit sober”.   I don’t think that’s such a good idea.  For me.

Guilt is absolutely useless.  <—-D, take this advice yourself, please.

Time for my periodical made-up “cleanse” aka Lean Cuisines for at least a week after my junk-eating marathon this last weekend.  Brownies and french fries and shakes, oh my!

Remember what Dori from “Finding Nemo” says, “Just keep swimming, swimming”.  “Where am I??!”   “Just keep swimming, swimming……”

And for our seven sorts of wonderfulness of the day:  Order something from a department store which sometimes has free shipping. (very common these days to make sales).  Do it!   Even if it’s something as “small” as a mascara or some fuzzy socks….because receiving packages at your door is pure joy!

Lastly but never leastly!   U2’s “40”

U2’s 40

Lovingly ~~ D


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  1. Ooooh. I love packages in the mail. I partifcularly dig Target’s Red Card…the debit card one. FREE SHIPPING and 5% off! How’s that for cheery?

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