My trash cans had seemed to become disgruntled.   “Why do we have to sit on the damp bare grass and the like?”  (They seemed to indicate).    I suppose there are worse things, but I felt one should comply and try to accommodate displeased garbage receptacles.

So…I had my yard guy make them their very own patio and put in a Japanese (whatchacallit) plant.  It is rather small but they seem to be less discontented.  I caved in to their needs/demands, but I don’t regret it.  I didn’t want to have to deal with receptacle karma.

“Yeah but you still don’t recycle”.

Trash cans! Dudes!  I’m just one little mild-mannered middle-aged downtrodden housewife!  I can’t do it all !!  Gah!  Just can’t please all household items.  Pffft!

Oh, and also you still haven’t  repainted the correct house number on us from the last move six years ago!”   “And and we need the light green boxes removed.  They don’t match and they’re messing with our groove”.

Oh shut up.



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  1. Last summer we put down some patio block and planted a bush next to our trash cans, too. It makes bringing piles of refuse and bags of stinky things out to the garbage almost like a mini vacation. Sort of…

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