I’ve never kept a journal.  Someone gave me one when I was little.  I only wrote in it once when I was eight.  I was getting ready to go to the hospital to have my tonsils taken out.  “I’m having my tonsils taken out. I am a little bit frightened”.  That was it.  Just one line.

Over the many years since I have always toyed with the idea of writing.  I had made a couple of stabs at it (not entirely whole-hearted) while in my twenties and thirties, but I wasn’t hitting the mark.  Not that I think I’m hitting it now, but I feel comfortable enough to attempt it.

When I was toying with the idea way back, I thought I would write a novel.  And then later, I thought I’d write a romance novella.  I thought it would be great if I could accomplish the kind  of work that would get noticed by Hollywood.  *don’t you dare laugh*  I fantasized it would be optioned  by Steven Spielberg and he would make it into a movie.  A sweeping epic.  I didn’t have it in me.  (Ah well, we all have dreams whether or not they’re attainable.)

Much later when I tried again, I thought I’d write a screenplay and cut out the publishing middleman, which of course would be made into a sweeping epic winning all sorts of awards.  Again a fantasy, and I’m okay with that.   Fantasies and dreams are a part of all our lives I think.  (I had even mused what I’d say in my Oscar acceptance speech, “I’d like to thank the Academy.”  (holding it up) “Wow this thing is heavy!) *cliche, cliche*  Ha ha ha.

And now, I think what I’m doing here is writing a journal of sorts.  I call it a “magazine”, sort of tongue in cheek  because I wanted it to be diversified and cover many subjects, my passions being pretty much everything except sports. *no offense sports fans*.

So I think that’s what this is.  Tips, anecdotes, silliness, seriousness and maybe a side-order of depth along will the fluff pieces.

So, lets run this up the flag pole and see who salutes.  Together we’ll take this journey to find out what my blog will be.  What it’s “about”.  I imagine it will be about anything and everything that I fancy and/or what comes into my mind at the time.

I started to call this blog “Straight Out of My Mind” but I didn’t want to scare you all away, dear readers. *smiles at this*

Lovingly tendered ~ D

Soon after starting my blog, I wrote an article "Thunderstruck By U2. I soon noticed it had appeared on a U2 website as a "top story" that day! Why am I showing you this? Because this is when I knew I was on the blogesphere map. I was pleased as punch!


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  1. How cool is that U2 thing? You ARE on the map but don’t ever give up. Sometimes, you just have to wait until you’re “ripe” for something — like a novel or novella or whatever might still be bubbling a little bit in your mind. Don’t ever defeat yourself! And by the way…I LOVE your blog! 🙂

  2. dawnestrehl says:

    Thank you so much! That makes me feel really good, sweetie!

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