From upper left: Armani silk scarf, Calvin Klein coat, Anne Klein sheer-overlay top, Neiman Marcus cashmere cardigan, Fendi slides, Joie wedges, Calvin Klein top, Marisa Kristina top, Jones New York camisole, Kenneth Cole tee

What has gotten into me that last two or three years?  Way  back in the way-back, I wouldn’t have even considered wearing any print of this sort, I regarded animal prints as being for mob wives or Elvis’ jungle room.

Maybe it’s the middle age thing…men buy tiny sports cars about the size of a beer cooler and I’ve taken to dressing outside the conservative box.  Sometimes   I still love to wear monochrome ensembles (love head to toe beige, black or off-white)  Classy!

Maybe it’s my way of holding on to that last fleeting rush of youth-y-ness.

I also can’t get enough of embellishments.  If it’s beaded, bangled, embroidered or sequined, I’m all over it like  a kitty-cat chasing something shiney on the wall.

Nonetheless, I’m enjoying the buhgeez out of it.   Fun clothes, fun fashion, heels and bags, bags Bags!!

–>  Somewhat off topic:  (I just got a mental image of a “Cougar” wearing all leopard garb.)

Don’t get me wrong, I do love and I’m highly attracted to the print (see pic above).  I’m just pleasantly surprised at the change in me.  And maybe I’m pointing out or just referring to my addiction to things.  I get on a “kick” and can’t get off it.   Next it’ll be beige shoes or silk tops or RL very thin white v-neck tees *love* …whatever strikes my fancy at the time.  That’s just being womanly/girly, right?  Or is it some form of OCD.  Hmmm.

My fav?  The Armani scarf.  I got it last fall in Milan during fashion week.  I also went in to visit the holy land (the Armani flagship location).  See my post “D and the Temple of Armani”  from last year.

Whatever it is, if lovin’ leopard is wrong…I don’t wanna be right.

Lovingly tendered while wearing leopard ~~ D


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  1. Hmmm…I think I need to spark up my wardrobe. I’ll stop by to get some inspiration!

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