Last night a group of us went to see “Toxic Avenger” here in H town.  Starring Constantine Maroulis of “Rock of Ages” and “American Idol” fame.  Very camp.  Very irreverent.  Very hilarious as heck!

The cast contains 5 people who play a multitude of characters. Among them being: Melvin Ferd the Third, Babs the Evil Mayor and Sarah, the prettiest blindest librarian in town.

Your typical comic-book-turned-musical ala Spiderman, etc.  Except for the fact that it is hilarious.  Non- stop laughs.

Without spoilers, The plot is roughly:  Nerd Melvin Ferd the Third loves beautiful (but blind) girl.  Evil Mayor refuses to clean up town.  Bullies plunge nerd into some toxic waste.  Melvin then becomes the hulky Toxic Avenger.  (for him, it’s easy being green) (sorry, had to do that one)  (no I’m not).  Girl falls for “Toxie”.  Cue the song “Thank God She’s Blind”.   And so on.

Maroulis handles the transition from nerd to hulky mess with ease.  He still manages to keep the monster somewhat of a nerd and the nerd still shines through the monster, maintaining the nerdy voice throughout.

Nancy Opel,  who plays Mayor Babs Belgoody the Mayor of Tromaville , (Exit 13B off the New Jersey Turnpike) is a true revelation with a voice-range from A to Z.  She makes being rotten and corrupt look good, hence her song,  “Evil is Hot”.

Two male actors who play a myriad of characters, are highly talented as well.  Versatile characters which include cops, many female roles, thugs and a scientist who spits “dammit!” a great deal in mock soap opera style and reminiscent of Barry Bostwick’s (“Dammit!,  Janet!”) in “Rocky Horror Picture Show”.  Dammit!, he was funny!  *pardon my French*

Constantine with his Toxie costume half down after curtain call. Must be HOT in there!

Coming to a town near you.  I hope.

Lovingly tendered ~~ D


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  1. There’s nothing better than seeing a production of ANY kind that can make you laugh. We saw a comedy show that included multiple skits just before Christmas and it was the most fun I’d had in a long time. I was also shocked at how hard my 14 year old son was laughing. Nope. Nothing better than that…

    • dawnestrehl says:

      Absolutely! Theater being one of my many passions, I was beside myself when I introduced my son to it. His first B’way musical was Spamalot and then I took him to see Faith Healer starring Ralph Feinnes. He liked the first one best, of course!

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