This is the first Barbie ever made.  A classic doll most of us girls had played with, played dress-up with and tried to image what dashing young man would pick her up for a date and where would they go?   All of my Barbie(s) had different accents from all over the globe via me.  Yes, I was a goony little kid.  And by goony little kid I mean frustrated little actress.  *grins*

My Barbie(s) had their own wigs (I swear…wigs!) for the doll-ings who needed a quick hairstyle change and the wigs were also great for those darn bad hair days!   And oooh the shoes and bags!  Don’t even get me started on the fabulous shoes and bags!  (*girly sigh*).

I was in a Tuesday Morning  recently (a discount store here in the States) and came upon these Special Edition Barbie(s).  I know, I know, the Special Edition Barbie(s) are for serious adult collectors and not really for children.  Still……    Some I found to be just fine…yet some I found to be, well, a fail in my opinion.

I say win on this one:

This is a Special Edition featuring the squeaky-clean adorable beautiful Doris Day.   With her is the completely handsome movie star, Rock Hudson.  The makers did a pretty nice job duplicating their gorgeousness (well maybe a tiny bit off) but acceptable and a fine tribute nonetheless.

This one is supposed to be our beloved comedianne, Lucille Ball.  Hmmm, mmmmmm,  I do not think they did her beauty justice!  She was an accomplished comedic actress and she was very beautiful and glamorous.  This is a fail in my opinion.

This one, where should I begin?  The come-hither look?  The slit-up-to-there?    Again I point out that these are aimed for serious adult collectors.  However, Octopussy?  Seriously?!   Like we need our Barbies to reflect such a mysogenistic image of what a woman should be.  Pffft!   Pffft indeed!

Young lady:   “Mommy, what does octopussy mean?”

I’m not sure what octopussy means.  I don’t want to know.  {I’m really not this uptight, dear readers, but GAH!}

Please forgive my not-so-fab pics.  I only had my cellphone with me that day.

♔ ♕ ♚ ♛

Lovingly tendered ~ D


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  1. Did you buy them all? I love the look of Lucille Ball.

    • dawnestrehl says:

      No, I don’t collect them since waaaay back. If I had a daughter ( I have a 20 year old son) I might have! Except for the Bond Girl one. I just noticed them in the store, I was shopping for something else at the time.(:^)

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