I love pajamas, I just do. I really can’t help myself when it comes to blue ones in particular.   I have a section in my closet just for them. Hung up, mind you, not folded.

I keep referring back to this pic of Sofia Coppolla in Vogue of 2011.  I think she looks perfect in this.  (Effortless cool.)

This outfit just rings with me!

I’m not a huge Louis Vuitton person, but this all-LV outfit……….  jaguar print, bluepajamas!  with matching shoes.  To die for.

What else would you expect from me after Superbowl day?

 A ballgown with heels?

Pajama party anyone?

Lovingly, D

Sopia Coppolla in LV PJ's. Effortless cool.


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  1. crubin says:

    I would love a pair of great PJs like that. But unlike the stereotype of women freezing at night, I am always so desperately hot, a tee and shorts are the best I can do. And if I make the room any colder, my husband will likely turn to ice, and, well, nobody wants that 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Appreciate it! Love the look of yours!

    • dawnestrehl says:

      Yes, just a fantasy for me! I get all my PJ’s at Marshall’s and TJ Maxx, not Louis Vuitton. (although there are things I splurge on)

      Also, for the first time in my life I’ve taken to change up my pajama outfit: I wear a camisole with the pj bottoms as I’m going through the minnow paws *sniff, sniff* *fans self* LOL<–not (;^)

      God is a man…….

      Thank you for the compliment on the look of my blog. I always say about my style: it's a bit much, but I'm a bit much, so it works) ~~ D

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