The Oval Office

Never let it be said that I’m not patriotic.  Well, at least as far as my decorating taste goes on some things.

The very first time I ever saw a set-up in a movie that depicted the Oval Offce with twin sofas facing each other, I was smitten.  No not smitten:   obsessed.     I couldn’t afford this at that time, but I filed it in my memory banks (aka noggin) for later.

The time to re-do the mix-matched sofas  came  in about 1998 or so.  I decided I’d had enough  of the two couches that were in the family room:  I re-did both of the couches in there myself  in the same leafy fabric…. They weren’t “twins”, However:   

Sofa #1 was a couch I had found at a church “yard” sale in 1997.   It was done in a large red and white  check fabric.   It was a camel-back sofa with an iffy spring system.  I “fixed” the springs as well as I could using twine and trying my best to fake a eight-way-hand-tie.  I then took this opportunity to teach myself to upholster furniture.  I had done small pieces before, (dining room chair seats, foot stools, etc.)  but never had I done an upholstering project this huge.

Sofa #2 was a Williamsburg-blue sofa-bed. A  camel-back with a box skirt which had been purchased by my in-laws for our wedding present in 1987.  The very first piece of furniture we had owned together.  I didn’t want to re-upholster this one as it was quite large, heavy and the sofa-bed part was proving tricky, so I taught myself to slip-cover.  Let me tell you, slip covering is hard.  There is no pattern and hardly any instructions out there to help you through it…you just have to feel your way.  I liken it to making custom clothing…it’s just that difficult.

I’ve always been a do-it-yourselfer,  necessity being the mother of invention.  I don’t tackle such huge projects now, it’s just too exhausting.  But I do recommend it to younger crafty types.  Doing projects like these mentioned can be so gratifying and the best way to test what you yourself are made of.  I think.

Lovingly tendered ~~ D

Any suggestions on how I can get Bono between my two couches? Anyone? No?

I bought these two couches at Ethan Allen in 2003.  I finally had gotten the “twins” I had obsessed about for so long.  Whew!

And so, this is our current family room. Yes I know, I need a rug….Badly!!

This post is from February 2012.  It’s now September 2012 and I’m getting ready to change the colors, drapes, etc and buy that rug.  But I will never part with my Oval Office Twins!  That would be, well, downright UN-AMERICAN!

Not to mention that it would be very, very un-Dawne-like (;^)

Lovingly ~~ D


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  1. I think the living room looks beautiful! When you find the right rug, you’ll know it. And yeah. I know how to get Bono betweeen the two sofa’s…

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