Oh Coco, our style icon forever.

Ever wonder why the snooty persons wrinkle their upturned noses with disgust at someone wearing white shoes after Labor Day?  I always wondered why this is a “rule”.

What ended up being a social attire rule simply started out as a means of being practical.  It was utilitarian and necessary way back when there was no air conditioning.  People simply wore white in the summer months to try to keep cool.  Very light colors don’t draw the sunlight as much, you see, making the summers more bearable.  And also, as they couldn’t wear scant clothing like we do today to keep cool, then the lighter colors were oh so necessary!

And the opposite rule would apply to the fall and winter months, when in rain, mud or snow, it made wearing lighter clothing difficult and impractical as you can well imagine.  Also, of course, very dark colors attract the sunlight.

So you see, what started out as a very reasonable necessity, became the norm sometime after WW2, a thing of well, snobbery for whatever reason.  Utility being eventually turned into fashion without (I suspect) the wearers quite not knowing why.

So I’ll wear my white if I want to.  So there!  *grins*

Unrelated  but what pops into my head when I think about white clothing is a line from one of my favorite movies, “Bull Durham”:  “A young friend of Susan Sarandon’s character asks her “Do I deserve to wear white?”  “Honey, we all deserve to wear white.”  she answers.   For whatever the reason, we all deserve the right to wear whatever we want to.  If for no other reason but to thumb our noses to others’ upturned noses.

As always, lovingly tendered ~ D


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  1. I think I heard that “white” rule changed a few years ago but most people didn’t listen. Get out those white pumps!

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