Only Yoda is Yoda. A gal can only dream.....*sigh*

1.  Start taking “oily” supplements as soon as possible.  Lubricate from within.  Couldn’t hurt.  (Fish Oil, Extra Vitamin E).

2.  Why can’t we convince the menfolk that cellulite is not only hereditary, but it’s located under the normal fat and can’t be exercised away!  Pfft!  (I don’t have the figures to back this up, but I maintain my position as I’m the most stubborn of creatures.)

3.  As life is indeed short.  Do the things that are really really  important to you and/or exciting.  “Well, at least my house was thoroughly clean”.  Said nobody on their “death bed” ever.

4.  You really have done the best you could in life.  Guilt is a useless man-made emotion.  We cannot get into a time machine and change things.  So…drop the guilt and walk on.  (But  just in case you know of anyone who has a time machine…I would really like my Barbie(s) back and I would like to have bought stock in Pfizer way before Viagra).

5.  Refrain from trying to “school” those who won’t open their minds.  Realize that this is about as effective as,  well, speaking directly into the toilet and flushing. 


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  1. Love #5. What goes hand in hand with that is the fact that you can’t change people and most of the time when they act erratically or do something mean, it’s part of their character. They are doing what they do to EVERYone and if they acted differently, you’d probably be extremely surprised!

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