As the temperature down here in our part of Texas drops down from a pretty comfortable 60 degrees F to around 30 degrees F overnight, I was just thinking that although I prefer to be a warm-climate person, there are things I look forward to every year.  Comfort things.  Comfy things such as these cashmere “jogging” suits.

I just love mine and wear them everywhere.  On planes, running errands and mostly for hanging out at the

house.  Sometimes I wear them as pajamas when it’s cold enough, and tonight at almost freezing temperatures, they are definately going to be on my rump roast in bed tonight I assure you.

These particular suits are at Neiman Marcus.  At this time of the year everything’s on sale so these are now at $295.00 a suit (usually $600.00).

I know, I know, still expensive but still worth it in the long run, especially when we take care of them well and have them last for more seasons to come!

Night sweeties.  Time to cleanse my face and hydrate.  (I”m drinking that infusion I told you about in my last article.  I try not to take in caffiene from dinner time until bedtime).  (Except for the chocolate cake I had earlier 😉

So, toasting you with my cucumber-ginger-lemon-mint drink. ~~ D


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