Look, I’m no expert or a doctor or whatever.  I know there’s no fountain of youth, no magic pill or any such nonsense.  There is, however, maintainance.  And care.

I’ve tried them all.  I started with Estee Lauder way before I could afford it in my mid-twenties.  A great company with the best reputation with a very keen eye on skin care. My mom paid me a compliment while giving me life-long advice way back when, “Girl, if I had skin like that, I’d take care of it.  Use the best products you can.  You get only one shot at this”.

I used EL up until 6 years ago.  Like every girl in the world I love “fashion” magazines pouring over the pages with baited breath hoping the best tips and the best products would be revealed to me.

I found my current choice in an unlikely magazine.  Town and Country.  I would read the articles with interviews with so-and-so actress or such-and-so wealthy heiress or who was “who’s who” of the month.  I began to notice one common question would always be asked “What skin care regimen do you use”?  And nine times out of ten the answer would be “I swear  by Creme de la Mer”.  Well, I just had to try it.  After all, wouldn’t I love to be able to say “I swear by Creme de la Mer, of course”.

I’ve been using it since then and I more than likely will not to switch.  It is the richest cream ever.  And that’s what’s really important after all.  A rich cream (chock-a-bock full of a strong broth derived from seaweed) that will last us through the night while we sleep to keep as much moisture in our skin as possible. I don’t know that the seaweed is essential but it sure doesn’t hurt.  The skin “repairs” itself while we are in repose, so nourish it.    Give it what it needs.

Very important tip:     There is something else I have used since I was 25.  I use Retin-A underneath my night cream at the very least twice a week.  This is science.  This is proven.  I’ll touch on the science of it briefly and then you can do your own research on this tried and true tool. It’s only available by prescription and it’s a bit expensive but worth it.   It is a derivative of vitamin A.  It’s really strong and some skin types may not be able to handle it so there is always the drug store version:  Retinols or retinoids.  I understand they are effective as well these days.  Retin-A is highly instrumental in rapid cell renewal which means it reveals new fresh skin more rapidly than just the sands of time.  Gently exfoliate weekly to help this along and voila.

I don’t mind at all spilling my “secrets”, dear readers.  We’re all so close now, aren’t we?  *wink* ~~ D

P.S.   Really cool anecdote:    I was in the local Neiman Marcus three years ago and Aerin Lauder happened to be there visiting their cosmetic counter.  I went up to her, she is so pretty and delicate ….do I have to add that she has great skin?   I told her how I had used EL way before I could afford it.   She complimented  me and I’ll love her forever for it.     I had her sign the box to a EL lip gloss ( I know, I’m so goony).  I didn’t of course have the heart to tell her I had been cheating on her with another company for years. (:^)

Aerin Lauder  photo:  Vogue

Aerin Lauder photo: Vogue

*This article was first posted on my FB Page Sept/2011


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