I woke up way to early for my liking  at 6 am in May of 2010 with a jolt  I was turning something over and over in my mind.  A probable solution to a problem that had been on my mind for way too long a time.  That thought grew rapidly into a designing frenzy.  I had always been somewhat creative, but this was such a huge undertaking.  I was both excited and frightened.  Mostly excited.  

When I had it worked out in my head I went upstairs to find a cardboard box from which I could make a model I would use to convey what I had envisioned.

I cut the top off the box and then cut off one of the sides.  I need tape!  I ran downstairs as fast as I could, I didn’t want to interrupt the creative flow… where’s the Scotch tape?!  **grabs blue painter’s tape….it will just have to do**    I ran back upstairs and starting cutting out and taping together:  arches, columns, loooong pieces to fashion a roof over the whole structure…my heart beating so fast as I grew more and more excited as I placed and taped the pieces together.  I then got out my paints and brushes to further illustrate what I had imagined.  I’m not a good painter, but I was trying to paint/create the textures I wanted.   (I maintained the whole structure to be stone …  stained wood ceilings and gates) I painted as well as I could the colors onto the structure.

I could now exhale as I saw what was in my head starting taking shape.  Yes.  This is it! 

I called husband.   “I’ve come up with an idea and a solution for the backyard.  This may be overly-ambitious, but the design is doable. Highly.  Doable”.

Now, try to imagine how hard it is to describe something like this over the phone to an architect or hardscape/landscape designer.  “I suppose you’ll just have to see it.  I’ve built a model and I hope you’ll like it as much as I do”.

So Jack the hardscape/landscape architect comes over.  We talk about the project and he and I agreed it was doable.  Joy!  Sheer effing joy!  At the end of the meeting of sorts which was held informally in my backyard, he said he was glad I made the model and asked to take a picture of it.  “Of course”, I said, thinking to myself that I wish I had done a better job with scale, paint, structure and etc.  I just get so excited when I have a creative rush or “high”  if you will.   Ah well, ’tis what it ’tis.

**The back-story:    It had initially started with me wanting to build a brick or stone privacy fence around the sides and the back of our property.  The Neighborhood Homeowners Association’s* rules stated that I could only build a fence 6 feet high.  Six feet.  Pfft!.  That’s not privacy!

I thought about looking *and i did casually look for a month or two) for another house in another neighborhood, but I love my house so much.  That’s  when I started to think outside of the box.   *pun intended*    What to do?  What to effing do?

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“I I know!”   *this was the 6 am-waking-up-too-darn-early-for-my-liking-day*.   If they won’t let me build but a six foot fence, then I’ll just built 14 foot walls”.  **big. wide. grin.**   Now then.  How to come up with an effective reason for the walls.  *biiiig wide grin* (The structure was to be a three sided covered loggia of sorts which seems to connect …but not really ….to the house on each side by gates.

*Just to be clear, I do support the rules and ideals of the Neighborhood’s Homeowner’s Association.  It keeps us from having neighbors with broken-down appliances in their front yard or neighbors who think pink painted houses are a good idea.  (I may vom).

Anyway, this is what I came up with. (:^)

Very plain, very small, no privacy *sigh


I would have preferred they build the structure first, but they’re the pros.











My backyard. Private. And in the middle of the back wall is a "water wall".

My backyard. Private. And in the middle of the back wall is a “water wall”.

Lovingly ~ D

This is the linky to:  French Country Cottage – I submitted this blog post to her site.  Thanks to her for hosting such a great opportunity for all of us to share!   Feathered Nest Friday!  http://frenchcountrycottage.blogspot.com/

Lovingly ~~ D

Oh, and here is the box I started with that morning.  (don't laugh)

Oh, and here is the box I started with that morning. (don’t laugh)


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