Kate and her FishNets !

They’re baaaack!

Man-oh-man are they!  I’ve noticed in the last few years that women young and the not-so-young were opting for the naked leg (except for leggings which do count).  Dig Kate in those fish-nets!  Bet the Queen isn’t too crazy about them.  But who cares?  She’s not a trend-setter like Kate and our much beloved Diana.

And now they’re back thanks to Kate Middleton and other celebs, debs and socialites.  Hot trends come and go, of course, they always have, but the stockings have always been a mark of, well, hotness.  Waaay back in the way-back (such as WW2) they were a sign of status as well as femininity.  They were silk back then but widely prized.  The women who couldn’t afford them or couldn’t find them (due to a shortage of silk.   Silk being made into parachutes and all)  would draw lines on the backs of their legs to mimic the seams of silk stockings (those clever girls).  Suiters would scale stores and even buy them on the black market for gifts to woo the female and to get…um…their attention to say the least.  Stockings at that time were highly sought-after and were almost effective as a string of pearls.

But I digress.

Sheer hosiery, opaque stockings and, as of this season particularly, textured and embelished ones are  a must-have accessory I’ve noticed in magazines and most recently in New York City last weekend.  {back-door brag, oh aren’t I just aweful? *smiles like Cheshire cat*}

So run, don’t walk, with naked legs to your local shops and malls to follow this HOT trend which in my not-so-humble opinion, is one to stick around for a long while.  Much worth the investment I can assure you.

Lovingly tendered ~~ D

{{{Extra-special propers go to Jeff and Kristine Bird, who gave me the inspiration for this post.}}}

Betty Grable auctions off her stockings for the war effort.

The first ever to test the NYLON parachute was a woman *ahem*


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