“..turn off your cellphones and remember, no photography in the theater. Remember, he’s Wolverine…and he’ll get you”. ~~ Announcer before curtain

Okay before I start, you know I”m going to say I like this. Well I didn’t. I loved this! He hit me right where I live — Broadway show tunes!!

“Luck Be a Lady”  “I Won’t Dance (Don’t Ask Me)”  “It’s Raining Men”  “Singin’ In the Rain” and “Oklahoma” (he played Curly in Oklahoma), “The Music Man” (he described how he, as a 14 year old, with the longest legs in the history of legs, …memorized his role as Salesman #8 and won the role). And much much more.

So I’m sitting there with husband, (me having a Chardonnay in a B’dway sippy cup), watching a true entertainer. He has a beautiful singing voice and dances fluidly and effortlessly  . Behind him as he is singing, dancing or joking with the audience, is a screen featuring what he’s either singing or talking about. He shows a picture of him as that leggy 14 year old and endears himself to his audience as he makes fun of himself. (Then behind him is a montage on screen of all his roles with his leading ladies). He talks about his career and how he got his part as Wolverine. “Moy agent called and suggested I troy out for this role…moy wife took a look at the script and said, “Hugh, this part just isn’t for you…”. “The first time ever”, he explains, “that my wife has ever been wrong”. He runs right over to audition for Wolverine wearing his “Oklahoma” chaps and sporting his “Curly” curly perm (yes he had a perm for the role) and well, as you know, the rest is history.

He reprises a bit of his role of Peter Allen from “The Boy From Oz” from some years ago while bumping and grinding adorably (shaking his maracas and his well sculpted bottom) while sporting gold lame’ pants and a gold lame’ shirt to match. (He appeared in this outfit jumping out of seemingly nowhere to surprise a couple sitting in the first Box up high. He plunks down in the husband’s lap “Don’t worry, we’re legal now”. “Oh, and if that lasts more than four hours, call your doctor”, he quips. Delightful. Effing delightful!

Copy this link to your browser to get a GREAT RARE glimpse of the Back on B’dway Rehearsal !! http://bcove.me/tq2bx3o2

Also while he was addressing the audience, he happened to mention how he was to start a new “Wolverine” movie.  (squeal)  And he announced he was to star as Jean ValJean in the newest version of “Les Miserables” !!

As Peter Allen, The Boy from Oz


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