I don’t have the best of feet.  They just won’t cooperate.  As I’ve said before, I’m pretty sure pretty shoes hate me.  I would love to teeter on heels all day and all night long looking fabulous and at least two inches taller!

But the reality is…..pretty shoes are for standing, sitting, and maybe some dancing while holding a cocktail, not walking.  So, okay, I can accept that.  That is, I just have to learn to deal.

So yesterday I ran across what I think are a very spiffy and practical idea.  (For when the party is over).  These cute little ballerina slippers are the berries.  They fold up as you can see and fit easily into the little bag that comes with them.  I have seen something like these before, but upon examining the other brands, they are not what they seem.  They look comfy, but are really thin and hard on the bottom.  Those won’t take you ten feet without regretting having bought them.

These are by Capelli.  I bought these at T J Maxx for only $12.99!  (I do love a bargain!).  The rubberized soles are actually two separate oval pads which are stitched on.  Very nicely done, I must say.  And upon close inspection, all of the stitching is done perfectly.  As someone who has sewn all her life, believe me I know my stitching.  So for $12.99, these have won the title of Six Sorts of Wonderfulness.  Not only will they take you more than ten feet….they’ll take you all the way back home.

Lovingly tendered ~~ D


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