The Red Carpet

November 12th 2011.  I attended an Indie Film Fest showing featuring Ethan Hawke’s new film “Woman in the Fifth”.

I was lucky enough (thanks to my husband) to sit in the front row smack-dab in front of where Ethan was sitting being interviewed.

My question I asked to Ethan during the last bit of the Q and A: “What is your ultimate project?” “What would you like to do next”?  He had a round-about way of answering, but I was charmed non-the-less.

Also:  My review of the film with photos where I greet Ethan and thank him for bringing this film:

Last night we saw the Indie Film, Woman in the Fifth with Ethan Hawke and Kristin Scott Thomas.  

 It was a showing sponsored by the Houston Film Festival  at The Houston Museum of Modern Arts. Ethan was there to show his film, do a question and answer session and to accept the Leventine Award.

Ethan’s always given a fine performance ever since we first saw him in Dead Poets Society.  He had truly stepped  up his game in Training Day with Denzel Washington to really begin to show his chops.  I think in this film he brings every joy and pain he has ever experienced in his personal life to this movie.   Big time.   Like other seasoned actors of our generation, he is now, at 41,  able to show us everything he is thinking and feeling.  It’s all  right there  on his face and in his eyes.  His performance flowed from him organically.  Effortlessly.  His portrayal of a one-novel author,  is greatly complimented by K S Thomas’s character.  She is as brilliant as always.   A calming, easy presence onscreen, and just as sensual and beautiful as she was in The English Patient some years ago.

It’s a bit difficult to write this critique without spoilers as it has as many twists and turns as the Seine itself. But…

Synopsis sans spoilers:  A writer, (Hawke)  arrives in Paris having not visited his daughter in quite some time.  At a literary gathering, he meets a beautiful mysterious woman (Kristin Scott Thomas) who seems to be connected with some deaths in the Fifth Arrondissement. I would love to go plot point by plot point with you on this film, but it might unduly influence your own experience.  I would want you to take away and glean from this film something you and your friends can discuss in depth over wine and dinner afterward.  We did, and it truly was a story worth dissecting and analyzing.

By the way, “in the Fifth” refers to Paris’s Fifth Arrondissement:

5ème The fabled Latin Quarter. This neighborhood takes its name from the Sorbonne, where Latin was the common tongue for all students during the Middle Ages. The neighborhood has the feel of a small village and students mix freely with professionals in its winding streets. The rue Mouffetard is a primary artery where shops, international restaurants and student bars and cafés are found.

My impression of Ethan would have been that he is a quiet man. Nope, the dude likes to talk and is very animated.

Q and A

D Me and Ethan after the Q and A, I’m thanking him for bringing this film to H-town.


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