On our 2006 trip to Euroland,  we were to land in Nice before heading up to Lake Como, Italy and then south to Monaco.  We decided to stop in Villefranche for one night to catch up on some sleep and have a nice meal before moving on.  We made our way down to the waterfront (the absofrickinglutely breathtakingly beautiful Cote de Azur).  There are a row of restaurants right on the waterfront and they all looked so, well,  French.  Very hard to pick one.  Tim stepped aside for a bit to take a business call (workaholic) and indicated to me “just pick one, anything would be fine”.  Oookaaay, which one?  Which, which…..one.  That one looks nice.   I read the menu out front on the pedestal and everything sounded delish, and then there were the cute little tables out front.  Perfect!  I sat down to wait for Tim.

We ordered some wine and pasta and were enjoying our meal when a very nice looking older gentleman leaned over to Tim   “So, where ya from”?  he asked in his thick-ish Irish brogue.  Tim told him and they began to chat.  “Ya got a good vibe about ya”. he said to Tim (which he does, by the way).  He introduced himself  “My name is Jim and this is my wife …… “.   (It wasn’t long before we discovered which Irish Jim this was:  Jim Sheridan, the director of movies such as “My Left Foot”, “In the Name of the Father and “In America”.  O..M..G

And then my brain thinkings kicked in…. “Do you know the members of U2 by any chance”?  “There” Jim said pointing past my left shoulder   “There is one of Bono’s homes”.    I looked back to see a large Peninsula  just a stone’s throw away.  The Peninsula was Cap Ferrat.  O..M..G  I was this close to one of Bono’s homes and didn’t even know it!  “Are they home now”?   “No, U2 are in London right now recording at Apple Studios.”  Still, my mind was so blown.  **are my arms still here?  I can’t feel my arms**

Just then I look up and an actor I recognized came around the corner and plopped himself down between Jim and Tim.  He was in flip flops, his dark hair was down to his shoulders…….holding a Guiness glass.   “Ice water” he said gesturing to his glass. “I have a flight in the morning”  (Another Irish, John Lynch “In the Name of the Father” “Sliding Doors”, etc.)   **are my legs still here?  I can’t feel my legs**

Anyhow, making a short story long, as I’m known to do.    Jim kept ordering bottles of wine (man, the Irish like the drink) and we kept lapping up the wine as well as lapping up all he had to say about his biz and their life.  He told us he, his wife and Mr. and Mrs. Ridley Scott were so poor when they first came to this country, they had to share an apartment.  O..M..G   Ridley Scott!  “Oh, by  the way, Ridley is up in Provence right now filming with Russell Crowe” O..M..G!   **is my body here? I can’t feel my body**  The film he was referring to was “A Good Year” which is one of my very fav movies ever.  I also love the locations in which it was shot.  I’m very familiar with Provence as we’ve traveled all over that area.  It’s one of my favorite places.   I have a ton of those. :^)      

***by the way…Jim and his wife’s summer place was just above our heads…over the very restaurant where we were eating***

Can I pick a restaurant or what?!


Lovingly tendered ~~ D


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