Hello hello!  I’m at a place called Vertigo!    That’s me there on the U2 360 stage in Denver 2011.

Enjoy the video “Miss Sarajevo” below:

Miss Sarajevo — U2 360 Tour from the Red Zone – Credits: My husband’s vid

Among my many, many passions is, of course, U2.

The first time I saw them was on MTV in the early eighties (back when MTV was great).  The song was Gloria and the lead singer was pretty!  Ohhh so pretty!  The first chance I got to see them though was 1987.  Tim and I were just married and I heard they were coming to town to play Rupp Arena in Lexington, KY.  “You have  to get us tickets to this”!  “Who?” asked husband   “Trust me”.  I said.

And then:  Thunder struck.  We had really really good seats.  At that time U2 were using a very simple wooden rectangular stage which ramped up at either end.  (Sorta looked like a skateboard.)  Our seats were first row where the left side of the “skateboard” tilted up.  I don’t remember them having an opening act  *who cares?*  but then soon they came on stage.  Adam……..Larry……..Edge……..and then……….*squeal*……..Bono.   He came out in very well-worn boots, vest, and cowboy hat with his shoulder-length hair tied back with a band.  He stopped, standing just to the left of the stage, struck a very arched-back pose…took off the cowboy hat and  s..l..o..w..l..y   slid down the band that held his hair.  Oh. Dear. Lord. History. 

We saw them in St. Louis during the ATYCLB tour then in Houston ’05 for the Vertigo tour.  Wonderful..always wonderful.

That takes us to the U2 360 tour of late.  The Claw came here to H-town so I bought us all VIP tickets and boom.  More history.

We had purchased Red Zone tickets for 2010 Denver.   Just a month before the concert, Bono had to have emergency back surgery in Germany which postponed the American leg of the tour.  Bummer, but I was more concerned about my Bono, I just wanted him well, you know?  I heard he was doing well a bit after that and they would continue the European leg of the tour.  And this is where my brain thinkings come into play….

“Honey, you were planning on doing the BMW Driving Experience in Marseilles, France in September right”?  “Um, yeah…..”.   “Well, I was thinking, U2 will be in Athens, Greece just a few days before soooo……”.  “You wanted to know if we can fly to Greece, see the concert, get on another plane, fly to Marseilles, France, and then I do the driving experience”?  “Yeah”.  “Buy them, sure, why not”.  **alright ladies, you’re thinking you want my husband…don’t even think about it…I bite**   *hard*

Recently Bono and Edge did a special, and it was really special, appearance at the 10th anniversary of the Clinton Charities at the Hollywood Bowl.   They did an accoustic set which was mesmerizing to say the least.  Very remeniscent of U2 back in the day. Now, staunch fans, do not read this:  I was not really crazy about “the claw” and the show that that tour was.  Look, any time I see them is a wonderful time, but the last three (the 3 360’s I attended) made me ache for the first time I saw them.

I’m going to make a prediction:  I believe U2 will chill and take a long much needed and deserved pause.  Then I think they will go in another direction from “The Claw”.  I’m hoping, honeys, that they will get back to basics:  the band, three chords and the truth…so to speak.

Lovingly tendered ~ D


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