D And the Temple of Armani

The Temple of Armani Milan, Italy

::Originally posted on my Facebook Page, D Magazine just after fashion week in Milan 2011 ::

So there I was.  Doing what I’ve dreamed of for a while.  Fashion Week in Milan.  (The man himself was not in-house and I knew this before I came.. what with it being fashion week and all.

FW in Paris I had missed a couple of years ago and I missed FW in NYC last month by just a couple of days.  *Pfft*

I have a few favorite designers.  Armani is my fav Italian one.  (Valentino, a very close second).  Parisian?  Chanel of course!  And American?  Ralph Lauren’s American good looks and Calvin Klein’s fluid lines.  But I digress.

In front of the Temple.  I’m intimidated, such an iconic place …do I belong here?  You bet your sweet cheeks  I do!  I approach.  Two large  glass doors  (no door frames, just glass) whoosh apart.  I enter gingerly.  To my right is the men’s couture. Unusual for the first floor, I thought.  But then! in front of me are two nude/pink ethereal couture gowns.  Oh, Gorgio, you tease!    I get out my husband’s Leica which I borrowed, and quickly snapped a pic  I knew that this was possibly forbidden, but doing things forbidden is one of my favorite things rating up there almost on par with chocolate cake.  I was then very courteously approached by one of the two securtiy guards which had flanked the front doors (not in traditional garb, but decked out in .. I’m assuming Armani suits).  “No photography, please signora”.  I feined the omgosh expression I usually use in such situations and put the camera in my purse.  (Got it! *grinning to myself widely*).

I see the white marble stairs and start my ascent.  The second floor was dedicated to accessories:  shoes, bags, jewels. I touch everything and ooo and ahh as if I am touching the hem of the garments of the man himself.  Once I’ve exhausted that floor I utilize the white marble stairs again to the 3rd.  This one was dedicated to the mid couture:  plisse’ jackets, dresses, scarves, pashminas and cocktail dresses etc.

The flourth floor is laden with the haute couture reserved for the ones who can afford it such luxury.    Side note:  there are only about 4 or 6 ladies shopping in there at this time, one of which had brought her meticulously trimmed poodle. Not rare, I’m afraid,  I had witnessed this before.   I met Lulu in Bergdorfs.  Their famous bulldog and most beloved customer.  Such a rare “honor”.

Again I touch everything:  lace dresses and jackets with silk pants or skirts to coordinate.  *sigh*.  Then there are the haute couture and high-end jewelry alongside the made-to-order samples of the top of this season’s evening attire.  I wondered which of these I would see on some red carpet event.  (on tv).   *double heavy sigh*

Enjoy this pic and more pics to come from my day in Milan!

Extra special lovingly tendered ~ D

(more pics in D and the Temple of Armani Photo Album and also Milan 2011 Album!)


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